Vendor Surveillance

What is Vendor Surveillance

  • At QVS we believe vendor surveillance is more than undertaking routine inspection. Successful businesses ensure that the vendor surveillance process truly engages both buyer and vendor in a constructive way to mitigate product/equipment delivery and quality risk.
  • Done correctly, this process ensures specification and functionality requirements are met and schedule risks are managed.
  • Many projects have stringent Vendor Surveillance requirements, covering vendors in multiple locations, countries or continents.
  • Vendor surveillance and vendor risk reduction is key to successful equipment delivery, vendor performance, project and operational success.
  • Vendor management can be labour intensive. Many contracts, codes and standards require specific Vendor surveillance activities to be performed and documented.
  • Successful vendor relationships lead to successful projects. Our approach is to build trust with Vendors but to be diligent in verifying the work.
  • Our belief is that the process starts pre-contract where risk assessment and planning tools are used to define the required inspection level.